Our Process


Olson Form was started to provide the best option for those tired of plastic, mismatched and unimpressive desk tools.  Many people spend more time at their desk than most any another place.  Why settle for anything less than the best tools.  A good mechanic understands the importance of quality tools.  It displays to the customer the importance they place on doing a quality job and helps get a job done efficiently and correctly.  We look at desk accessories as something more than just an accessory, we consider our pieces to be a fundamental part of someones success at work.  An often overlooked part of someones daily routine can change dramatically with the addition of one of our collections.  Whether you have an minimalistic feel to your work environment or simply demand the best, our desk tools will not only outlast the desks they sit on but will turn your desk into a talking piece and not just a place to sit at.

We personally create each and every product, which is meticulously engineered, hand- and machine-crafted, and expertly polished. Once each piece is meticulously inspected and determined to meet our high standards, a military-grade finish is applied – guaranteeing a product that will last a lifetime.  To complete each piece, we add fine grain leather to the bottom to protect the surface of your desk or conference table. 

Each piece starts as a solid bar stock of billet aluminum and is cut, machined, polished and finished.  Which is evident in the solid, heavy composition of each piece.

From the heavy composition to the flawless finish, quality shines through with every exacting detail.


Our Vision

At Olson Form, we don’t cater to the usual executive audience. We work with trailblazers and disruptors who will pass over something mass-produced in favor of high-quality statement pieces that are a reflection of their style, their sensibilities, and their influence.

With this in mind, we bring together precise engineering and premium quality to create premium workspace accessories that are a reflection of high status and discerning taste. The time and craftsmanship that is put into each set position it as a luxury item that is attainable to only a select few.

These aren’t just desk accessories— they are quality statement pieces.